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Pigmented/Corrected Grain Leather

The most popular choice. Available in various colours, with a pigmented coating that offers more protection than aniline leathers, making it more durable and easier to clean and maintain.

Aniline Leather

This is a pure dyed leather and the most expensive type of leather.

There is no colour coating and therefore shows all natural markings and different shade variances.

A very soft feel , is prone to fading and stains easily. Not suitable for heavy use as it is difficult to clean.

Semi Aniline Leather

Similar to aniline leather but with some protective colour coating, making it more resistance to staining. Soft feel and shows natural markings. Also prone to fading.

Easier to clean.

Bicaste Leather

Hard wearing high gloss finish due to polyurethane finish.

Has a plastic feel and appearance.

Surface can breakdown and become dull and tacky, usually due to perspiration/head grease.

This is not repairable

Bonded Leather

Made from natural leather left overs and bonded back into larger pieces this is becoming increasingly popular as a cheaper alternative to'real leather' made from full animal hides.

Not as durable as other leathers and having an almost vinyl feel to it due to the manufacturing process.