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Q: The headrest on my leather armchair has gone dark in one area and the colour looks like it is cracking, what caused this?

A: This is usually caused by head grease that has penetrated the leather and caused the colour to begin to crack. This can also be a problem on the arm pads due to perspiration. Certain medications i.e blood pressure tablets can cause this problem to when you perspire. The affected areas can be de-greased and re-coloured.

If the leather has worn into a hole then the damaged panels may need to be replaced.

Q: A couple of the seat panels on my three seater sofa are dry and cracking, can these be repaired?

A: If the leather isn't too worn we can bond the leather and re-colour the panels. The panels can be replaced if they cannot be repaired.

Q: I have a Chesterfield suite, thats a few years old, and the seats have lost the top colour  over time, do you put the top colour back on?

A: Yes we can put this back on, this is the antiquing that has worn off naturally over time.

Q: I want to change the colour of my leather sofa, can this be done?

A: Sorry we don't change the colour, but can change the shade to slightly lighter/darker.

Q: The arm on my settee has being sat on and has now broken, is this repairable?

A: Yes that is a repair we can normally carry out in situ.